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Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Guide's PREGNANCY SECTION is released!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

After months and months of late nights, research, and challenging narratives the Pregnancy Section of the guide is available!

This guide contains all the things which I wish I knew when I was pregnant! During my pregnancy, I felt like there were very limited information available for pregnant women - especially for those who want to go the natural route. Abroad there are much more information available but not all of that information is applicable to the South African industry.

I first shared my personal pregnancy & birth experience in a live talk on Instagram. And from that, the series of live talks were born with fellow every day moms. And then from the live talks, the idea came to write this guide. In this guide I have tried to put together all of the things which I found to be helpful in my journey. The aim of the guide is to equip moms who want to go the natural route in a hospital environment.

I really had a desire in my heart for a home birth, but due to several factors - we made the decision to go the hospital route. When you opt for a home birth or birth at a "home" birth facility - I don't think information regarding pregnancy and birth is so important. And I'll tell you why! Those environments and caregivers have moved away from mainstream medicine for a reason. And thus they will most likely educate and inform you about the important things which you need to know and help you along the journey. However, when you go the hospital route - the responsibility lies in your hands completely. You will have to educate yourself and equip yourself with the needed information to advocate for what you want - in a setup where medicine and medical intervention is the norm.

Women are often surprised and even traumatised by their hospital birth experiences. And I'm not diminishing anyone's experience or saying that it's their own fault. Not at all. But when we realise that we enter into a medical controlled environment, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the completely natural route and options are not the norm. Thus it will be up to you and your husband (and maybe a doula) to advocate for the birth experience which you want.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes pregnancy and birth. But I truly believe that information can radically change the outcome of a mother's experience. This information is not set in stone. If you are pregnant, you can use this information to equip yourself and apply the information which you found helpful for your personal journey. Adapt it, change it, use it as a basis for more research - use it in any way and form that you find it to be helpful!

This guide will eventually consist of three sections: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum. Once the other sections are completed, they will all be released together.

Should the Pregnancy Section change during the course of the development and writing of the Birth & Postpartum sections - you will receive the updated version of the Pregnancy Section at no additional charge. Chances are good that there might be changes, spell check corrections or add on's. This guide is released now as I am aware of several moms who are currently pregnant and desperate for information. So please bare with me if you come across any typo's, etc. Pregnancy, birth and the privilege of becoming a mom is such a massive blessing. I hope that this guide will bless you as you prepare for this new and exciting chapter of your life!

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