Nutrition Guide 

Health is Wealth!

No more fad diets, no more food restrictions, no more starvation!

Food is fuel! & every thing you eat has an impact on your DNA!

Our Nutrition Guide is Available!

The world have programmed enough people with all kinds of nonsense on things you are allowed to eat or not allowed to eat! And we're calling an end to all of that! I have always been someone who believed that no food groups should be excluded. No, not even carbs! When you try to live a healthy life, the food you eat plays a vital role in reaching your goals. But sadly, so many women fall from one fad diet to the other, without ever getting the results they are after.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a diet. This is NOT a meal plan.

With this guide, I want to educate you on the basics of nutrition. I want to educate you that carbs are not the enemy. That you can have that donut and still reach your goals. A single bad meal won't make you gain weight, just like a single healthy won't make you lose weight. This guide will help you to reach your health and fitness goals in a sustainable way. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your current weight or even maybe gain weight - this guide will help you to do it - in a sustainable and realistic way!

We don't want to fuel the fire of an already bursting calorie counting generation. But tracking your calories for a short period of time will help you learn what a day on your plate should more or less look like. It's all about educating yourself so that you can make healthier choices in the long run - and knowing WHY you are making those choices! Instead of simply following a meal plan that you hate.


Nutrition Guide vs Nutrition Workshop

Which one is best for YOU?

The Guide is an educational eBook that will teach you about the basics of nutrition. It will explain why we need sufficient amounts of food from each food group & why exclusion of any foods are unsustainable. In the guide we teach you how to manage your own nutrition, step by step.

The Workshop was launched after the Guide. Many people were interested in our approach to nutrition but not completely sold if it's something that would work for them. Hence, the workshop is a online (Zoom) webinar, where we share the most important information from the guide and how to apply it practically to your life. The workshop will not be recorded and will not be made available afterwards. But if you listen throughout and make notes, ask questions, etc - you will be perfectly fine. We work at a fast but comfortable pace to get through the information.

If you have purchased the Guide before, you can get access to any of the upcoming workshops for free (R449 in total). And if you have paid for the Workshop, you will be able to get the Guide at a discounted rate (R200 workshop + R249 guide = still R449 in total).