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Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Guide: Pregnancy Section
  • Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Guide: Pregnancy Section


    All the things I wish I knew or had access to the information when I was pregnant.


    That's exactly what this guide is all about! When I fell pregnant I felt like tere were very limited information available out there - especially for moms who want to go the natural route. So in this guide I've tried to put everything together which I found to be important.


    This guide will eventually consist of three main sections: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum. This is ONLY the Pregnancy Section that's currently made available.


    Should the Pregnancy Section change during the course of the development and writing of the Birth & Postpartum sections - you will receive the updated version of the Pregnancy Section at no additional charge.


    Chances are good that there might be changes, spell check corrections or add on's. This guide is released now as I am aware of several moms who are currently pregnant and desperate for information. So please bare with me with the typo's, etc. It has been proof read - but if you are the author of the guide, your brain often reads what it should say instead of what is actually typed. If you come across any, just pop me a message with a screenshot and mark the typo. I'd appreciate it so much!


    Pregnancy, birth and the priveledge of becoming a mom is such a massive blessing. I hope that this guide will bless you as you prepare for this new chapter of your life!

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