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 Torah Reading Cycle 

Join me for the 2023/2024 Torah reading cycle!

The word “torah” is the Hebrew word for the first five books of the Bible (Genesis - Deuteronomy).
Today, the word “torah” is often translated as “law” - but when we look at the true definition it actually means “instruction” instead of law.
The Israelites were exhiled from their land as a result of their own disobedience.
The custom of the torah reading started with Nehemiah, after the Babilonian exile was over. Nehemiah wanted to prevent it happening to the nation again (as a result of disobedience). Hence he went to Ezra (the scribe) to write the decree that the Israelites had to read through the torah.

Today we are fortuntate enough to not only have the torah, but also the rest of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. Join me as we read through the entire Bible in one year - based on the yearly Torah cycle.
& let’s see how what was written so many years ago, spiritually still apply to our lives today!

You can follow the Torah portions with us every week! (Simply click on the one you want to read).

What are these Torah portions all about?

2023/2024 Reading Cycle:


2024/2025 Reading Cycle:

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