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Parashat Devarim

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

43rd Portion

[4-10 Aug 2024]

Theme of the Book of Deuteronomy:

Possessing the Promised Land

Meaning of "devarim" = "words"

This week's Torah portions:

Sunday: Deuteronomy 1:1-10

Monday: Deuteronomy 1:11-21

Tuesday: Deuteronomy 1:22-38

Wednesday: Deuteronomy 1:39-2:1

Thursday: Deuteronomy 2:2-30

Friday: Deuteronomy 2:31-3:14

Shabbat: Deuteronomy 3:15-22 & Isaiah 1:1-27

Apostolic Writings:

Acts 9:1-21

Daily Bread for Busy Moms portions:

Ezekiel 21-27

1 Chronicles 2-7

Philippians 2-4

Colossians 1-3

Luke 20-23

I cannot believe that we are officially in the last book of the Torah! Deuteronomy is the last of the 5 books which forms part of the Torah - along with Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. It still feels like yesterday when we returned from Israel at the start of the 2022/2023 Torah reading cycle! Three weeks into the cycle I finally got around to share with you all that I've decided to commit to these weekly posts. And here we are in portion number 38, plus the weeks of the Biblical feasts - which "interrupts" the normal Torah readings. And in roughly 11 short weeks - we'll be in the 2023/2024 reading cycle.

Crazy how quick time goes! Which reminds me of a powerful teaching Tiaan Nel did, titled: Is time running out? Why does it feel like time is running out? (to watch it, simply click on the title or this image).

The word "devarim" is the Hebrew word for "words." By now we are familiar with the fact that each of the books of the Torah has an overhanging "theme" to it. Genenis was about having an desire and to choose life. Exodus was about pursuing Abba's instructions so that we can become a tabernacle - dwelling place for Him. Leviticus was about living life as priests. Priests were the ones who served in the tabernacle. Thus if we now are the tabernacle, we should be living life like spiritual priests. Numbers was about the "desert life" - which is our spiritual walk / faith journey. The continual journey which Abba will take us on from leaving Egypt (spiritual bondage) til we enter into the promised land! The book of Deuteronomy's theme is about posessing the promised land! About actually entering into what Abba has called you for and has in store for you. Thus Deuteronomy is all about our inheritance.

In this first portion of the book of Deuteronomy, we see how Moses addresses all of the instructions that was given prior - thus confirming that they were all still valid / applicable. Moses also recalled all of the events that took place on their journey through the wilderness... As if to remind the people of everything God has done for them and how He had sustained them despite all of the hardships they had to face. In this portion Moses also firmly addressed the sin and iniquity (generational sins) of the nation and cofirmed once again that they had to stop / get away from their sin if they want to inherit the promised land.

Moses's words served as a reminder to the Israelites - that as long as they kept the instructions of Abba - He would bless them and they would be able to live in the inheritance which He has promised them. The same applies to our lives today still!

In this portion we also read about how Moses told the Israelites once again that himself and some of the other Israelites would not inherit the Promised Land - as a result of their disobedience. Disobedience in other words are actually the rejection of our inheritance. Since our inheritance is found in the Word / linked to us following Abba's instructions... That means that when we do not follow His instructions, we are disobedient and bidding our own inheritance farewell.

We also see how Moses, after recalling the journey they have been through whilst in the desert - he addressed Joshua. Mosed told Joshua the well known verse of Deuteronomy 4:22 that says "You shall not fear them: for YHVH your God He shall fight for you."

Moses knew that God called him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and to the Promised Land. But Moses also knew that he did none of it on his own! Althroughout he had help from others, like Aaron, ect - but moreso - he had Abba's help throughout!

The late Gerrit Nel described this so well in his teaching on Kol Kallah, where he said he first didn't understand why God gave Moses the instructions to write down all that has happened so that he could give it to Joshua, his succeeder. Considering the fact that Joshua was there through it all and part of it. When we experience things and see how Abba comes through for us, it's usually easy to remember later on in our lives as well. But through writting it down, we can continiously remind ourselves of how Abba came through for us in the past. Being reminded of that will strengthen our faith and enable us to know that He will do it for us again! He WILL come through for us again when we stick to His instructions!

Thus we can learn that the repetition of this occurences of their time in the wilderness is not written down again without purpose. Repetition changes our mindsets. This is even proven by science and people who don't believe in God. When we repeatedly read about the things which Abba has done for His kids (back in the times of the Bible as well as in our lives today) - it strengthens our faith walk. It changes our mindsets when we continiously hear how Abba comes through for His children and we'll be able to hold onto His promises without waivering.

At this point in history, Joshua was approximately 80 years old. Which I find pretty amazing. One could easily think that Moses had to tell these things to Joshua because Joshua was this youngster who had to take over from Moses. But that was not the case at all! Joshua himself, was well advanced in age and has lived through it all - yet it was important for him to repeatedly hear this message. Which brings us to a crucial message for our lives as well - we are no different than Joshua. No matter how old we are or how many battles we have faced in life - we all still need to be continuously reminded of Abba's hand all throughout our lives and about His provision. We should remind our fellow believers about it and we should be open to it when other believers continue to remind us about the same things over and over again as well.

Sadly in today's day and age, people have became so prideful, that we don't like to be taught by others. Much less be reprimanded. Just because our flesh does not like it does not mean that our spirit doesn't need it!

We seldomly know exactly where others are in their walk of faith. And sometimes when we have shared certain information / teachings before, we assume that everyone heard (understood) it and got revelation from it. However, that's not always the case. Therefore, this instruction which Abba gave to Moses - to repeat the occurences to Joshua - is a lesson to each one of us. Not only do we have to remind ourselves - but we also have to remind others and be reminded by others.

Even if we know where others are in their faith walk - all of us still have to be reminded of Abba's principles, no matter how many times we have heard it before. I always say "with God there is always more!" This teaching reminded me about this. Even if we have heard a teaching or discussion on a certain topic numerous time - there might be someone to whom it makes sense for the first time, or to someone who already understand the concept - might come to understand a deeper message than before. We should never underestimate the importance and the value of re-affirming Abba's principles and instructions in our own lives as well as in the lives of others.

We have to testify about how Abba has come through for us in the past! We have to share how He has provided for us, the breakthrough which He gave us. And we have to share and teach others regarding the instructions which Abba has taught us in our lives.

The more we focus on walking according to Abba's instructions, the more we will become aware of His hand in our lives! Abba knows exactly what we need, where we are in our lives and what we desire. He knows about your biggest concerns and the things that breaks your heart and keeps you up at night. He is asking you to bring those things to Him, to seek Him first. But more so - He's reminding us in this parashat to not forget how faithful He has always been in your life.

Our testimonies are way more powerful than we could ever grasp. Sometimes you find yourself in a place where you are unable to recall a time when you really felt that Yeshua came through for you. Which is most definitely a lie from the enemy - because none of us would still be standing here if it wasn't for Yeshua Who came through for us in a million situations, a million times! The problem comes in with our focus. What do we focus on? Do we focus on the mountains which lie ahead of us? Are we blinded by the tough circumstances which we don't know how we will overcome? Or are you able to shift your focus from your problems to your Problem Solver, Yeshua! When we change our focus, our entire perspective changes! When we change our focus from our circumstances to Yeshua, we are able to look back over our lives and pin point a million times where God came through for us. And looking back on those moments then from this perspective strengthens our faith walk.

If you never look back on your life, the highs, the lows, the mistakes, the good choices, the lessons, everything in between - how could you ever have a testimony?

We have to fill our minds and our hearts with Abba's instructions. As we can learn from this week's portion, that His instructions IS our inheritance! If we walk in His instructions, we will experience the inheritance which He has instore for us. But while we are on the journey, we have to repeat to ourselves the instructions which He has taught us and the victory which He gave us. THAT is the thing that will build the foundation of our faith!

Our true inheritance is not what we'll physically receive when we obey His instructions. Our true inheritance is His instructions itself! The Word of God is our inheritance - His instructions and promises! Let's keep our focus on that which truly matters! The rest of the things which we receive through our lives as a result of our obedience are just a bonus! Our real reward and inheritance is the Word of God!


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