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Parashat Vayetzei

Updated: Nov 24

7th Portion

[19-25 Nov 2023]

Theme of the Book of Genesis:

Desire for life, to choose life and to create!

Meaning of "vayetzei" = "and he went out"

This week's Torah portions:

Sunday: Genesis 28:10-22

Monday: Genesis 29:1-17

Tuesday: Genesis 29:18-30:13

Wednesday: Genesis 30:14-27

Thursday: Genesis 30:28-31:16

Friday: Genesis 31:17-42

Shabbat: Genesis 31:43- 32:3 & Hosea 12:13-14:10

Apostolic Writings:

John 1:19-51

Daily Bread for Busy Moms portions:

Judges 17-21

1 Samuel 1

Psalms 38-43

Matthew 28

Mark 1-3

In this parashat (portion) we read about Jacob, who goes on his way to Laban - his mother's brother - to find a wife for himself. On his journey there, he has this dream about the ladder. The famous Jacob's Ladder story we all know. God gave Jacob the same promise that He gave to Abraham, and interestingly enough it was not far away from the location where God gave Abraham his promise where Jacob had this dream.

Jacob stayed for 20 years with Laban. Jacob loved Rachel, Laban's younger daughter. We all know the story how Jacob worked for 7 years to get to marry Rachel. But Laban deceived Jacob and gave him Leah, his elder daughter instead. We then read about the kids that Leah gave to Jacob, whilst Rachel remained barren. We also read about the kids that Jacob had with both Leah and Rachel's maidservants and eventually Rachel fell pregnant and gave birth to Joseph. Jacob ended up staying for 40 years with Laban and he wanted to move back to his home town, so that he could gather an inheritance of his own for his offspring.

Laban knew that Jacob was blessed due to him having the firstborn blessing. So Laban didn't want Jacob to leave him and take the blessing with him. Thus Laban continually changed the agreement between himself and Jacob with regards to how the flock would be divided. And finally when they came to agreement, Jacob left and continued to prosper. We read about a beginning of fruitfulness, just like when Abraham moved away and had Isaac.

Abba's heart for His children are to be fruitful. And not only in a physical sense with a fleshly offspring. But to experience fruitfulness in all aspects of life!

The theme of this portion is about understanding the concept of fruitfulness. When Abba gives us a promise, He will fulfil it! Being fruitful is about taking up our anointing as kings, priests and prophets and living in that anointing. And as a result we will see the fruitfulness come to life!

This portion reminds us that it's about bringing forth from a promise. Stepping into our anointing based on the promise we have received and being fruitful as a result. We are not called to see ourselves barren - in any area of life. Just like Jacob had to go and find a wife an Rachel had to wait to fall pregnant, in the same way we need to take up our responsibility and KNOW that God will fulfil His promise to us!

Jacob's journey was the beginning of the fruitfulness that had to take place and continued to take place afterwards. The tribes were born!

We need to live from a place of fullness - not from ourselves - but from a place of the promises which God has spoken over us!

Jacob's ladder is a symbol of a bridge between man and God. And now through Yeshua (Jesus) we know that we have the Way to God. We are the spiritual fruitfulness of Yeshua!

We need to ask ourselves what we can do to add to this spiritual fruitfulness. How can I add to the Kingdom of God? We are called to make disciples. And we need to ask ourselves honestly - are we doing that? Is my life fruitful? Am I making disciples?


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