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Chicken Cauli Soup for your soul!


Chicken Cauli Soup for your soul

It’s wintertime and you know what that means! To curl up in front of the TV or at the dining table enjoying a nice bowl of hearty soup is what memories are made of in cold times! I’ve always eaten my grandmother’s soup and she loved to make tons. I never thought that it was actually quite easy to make my own at home. If you haven’t seen my latest post, I just shared some of my favourite spices and I just want to state again, how beneficial spices and herbs are. You are wealthy with them in your life! But this is a really easy soup I made after a few tries and this recipe won. Here are some very basic ingredients you can use, so healthy for your gut! Believe me!

If you want a veggie soup just leave out the chicken. It tastes good without as well! Remember, you can choose how much of each ingredient you want for your soup. Make it your own!

Ingredients for this soup includes:

· Garlic: Truly the best when you’re sick. Garlic is full of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why we use 6 cloves of garlic in this soup!

· Turmeric

· Chicken breasts: We’re packin’ this recipe with protein too! I used 2 chicken breasts.

· Paprika

· Celery

· Carrots

· Onion: I used 1 whole onion

· Cauliflower: Which is our main ingredient for this soup! Have 2 cauli heads ready, already steamed or cooked.

Knorrox chicken flavoured stock cubes x2 & curry veggie flavoured x1


1. Place a large pot over medium high heat and add in a bit of boiled water. Then add in garlic, onion, carrots, celery and cauliflower; cook for a few minutes until onion becomes translucent.

2. Next add in 1 tbsp of turmeric, 1 tsp paprika and some mixed herbs spice. Saute for 30 seconds to let the spices cook a bit, then add in chicken & vegetable stock, salt and pepper. Add then 2-3 cups of boiled water.

3. I’ll let this cook on a quite low heat for about an hour.

4. In that hour grill your chicken breasts in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius until cooked. I drizzled mine with chicken spice and lemon juice.

5. Before you add the chicken to your soup, scoop half of your lovely soup out and blend it until smooth. Add the creamy soup to the watery soup in the pot. This is for creating a real soup effect with not too much water or feeling like its puree! I love chunks so I’d still like the chunks effect!

6. Grab a fork and a knife and tear off chicken pieces from your cooked chicken breasts, add this to your soup and boil for a further 15-20 mins.

Spoil your fam or loved one with this lovely soup! The best is that you made this by yourself. Obviously, you can enjoy some “lekker” bread with this as well. If you want a rye bread recipe check it out by clicking here.

Remember to tag us in your posts/stories! Happy making!

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