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Protein Loaded Fries

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

I could eat this all day every day! It's this good! Skip the loaded fries from take-out places and try this macro & calorie-controlled meal, high in protein and low in calls!

I buy a 1kg Straight Cut Sweet Potato Fries from Woolworths and they taste the best! Other brands' will work fine as well! You will either need an air fryer or oven for this recipe. I have precooked chicken from the air fryer and cut into strips.
Just know, Spur's Salad & French Fry dressing is 27 cals for 15ml which is really good for a sauce as "lekker" as that one. So, if you want to add more sauce, just take it into consideration! Nando's Perinaise (Garlic) is 12 cals for 15ml. So I usually mix it up between the two or just choose one. I also eat Steers Seasoning on about almost everything, veggies, you name it! It just works! These are all the good stuff combined!


120g straight cut sweet potato chips
100g chicken breast
8g onion marmalade
15 ml Spur Sauce (27 cals) OR 15 ml Nando's Perinaise (12 cals)
Steers Seasoning (picture above left)


1. Airfry chips & chicken 20mins on 200 degrees Celsius
2. Cut chicken into strips and place over chips
3. Season chips & chicken with Steers salt
4. Add onion marmalade
5. Top it off with your choice of sauce from above- 15ml (or more)

Nutritional information:

302 calories


12g FAT


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