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Low-cal Beef Burger

If you are looking at this burger and thinking, this does not look low-cal, I can assure you, it is!

I had two on this day, just because I could!
Guys, you can have burgers at home. Build an amazing one, if you have kids- let them build their own burgers. Have a burger night each week where you have burgers- well because YOU CAN.

This didn't even take me 10 minutes to prepare and it tasted like a take-away burger, with lots of good nutrition. Nothing weird though, these are plain white hamburger buns! Enjoy them!


- white hamburger buns (I used WW brand, they are 136 calories!)
- 150g extra lean beef (190 cals)
- 8g onion marmalade (22 cals)
- 20ml reduced-fat cheese sauce WW brand/ Ina Paarman's brand (21 cals)
- lettuce (0 cals)
-6g peppadews (4 cals)

Prepare your lean beef patty. I just mixed the extra lean mince with Steers salt and pressed them into 150g balls. You can spice them up how you want to.
I pan-fried my patties, on a high heated non-stick pan.
I prepared the buns in the meantime. You can layer the burger as you wish, my layering went as follows. Peppadews, lettuce, patty, onion marmalade, cheese sauce.
It honestly is so good, you can have two if you want to!

For 1 serving
Protein: 41,2g
Fats: 28,2g
Carbs: 33,5g
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