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Chicken Mayo Cheezies

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Chicken mayo has become an ultimate favourite lunch for me for quite some time now! I've tried it in every way, on every type of bread. Haha. I love bread and chicken a lot, so it's just a win win for me.

I'm sure most people are aware of bread squares nowadays, if not, they are a perfect low-calorie choice regarding brea! And they taste amazing! They are also so budget friendly! 4 costs about R12,00! It's R3,00 for 2 slices! So this is basically part of my student life as well and so convenient. You can find them at any supermarket nationwide.
2 slices (1 square) brown/white bread
90g cooked chicken breast
30g reduced oil salad dressing (TRIM)
20g cheese/mozarella

1. Cut the cooked chicken breast in small pieces. Add the salad dressing to the chicken and mix in. *Optional- add Steers Salt to the mix
2. Transfer the mixture to the open sqaures of bread and spread evenly.
3. Top it of with 10g of cheese on each one. Add some extra Steers salt on top of the cheese.
4. Transfer each to air fryer and grill on 200 celsius for 2-3mins
5. Take out & enjoy!

Nutritonal information:
1 serving (2 squares like in pictures above)
329 calories
12g FAT

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