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Post-Natal Recovery Guide (eBOOK)
  • Post-Natal Recovery Guide (eBOOK)


    We all know that pregnancy and giving birth (naturally & c-section) takes its toll on a woman's body. Some ladies are lucky enough to recover fast, whilst some others might take a little longer.


    This guide is focused on recovering your pelvic floor muscles and recovering diastasis recti. Options are given on how to modify the exercise if you do suffer from diastasis recti. As a certified pre- & post-natal personal trainer, I am always looking to help improving the life of the people who's paths cross mine. During my pre-natal group fitness classes - I place a lot of focus on improving my clients' pelvic floor and core muscles. Strengthening those muscles during pregnancy aids in the delivery process and most importantly - aids in post-partum recovery. Training your pelvic floor muscles will improve your bladder control - an issued numerous women struggle with after giving birth.


    The guid will be available in eBook format and can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer. You are also more than welcome to print out the eBook if you'd prefer.

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