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14-Week Nutrition Coaching

14-Week Nutrition Coaching


If you sign up for the 14-week nutrition coaching, I will coach you one-on-one every step of the way!

After 3 years of offering nutrition coaching, I have refined the coaching approach quite significantly. Moving from a more coach-driven approach to a more client-driven approach. Initially I did a lot of the work for the clients but noticed little to no sustainability post-challenge when it's left into the clients' own hands. So with the new approach, a whole lot more responsibility will be in your corner - to help you succeed once the coaching journey is over.

You will be educated on the basics of nutrition - using our Nutrition Guide and one-on-one guidance to practically implement and adjust what you have learned to get you to your individualised goals.

How the process works:

Step 1: Complete the Nutrition Coaching Form

(Form can be found at the bottom of the page)

Once I've received your form, I will contact you to address the steps going forward.

Step 2: Work through the Nutrition Guide  / Attend a Nutrition Workshop

At your own pace, work through the nutrition guide or attend a nutrition workshop.

Step 3: Optional Zoom Call: Getting Started

In case of a Nutrition Workshop, the ZOOM call will fall away as it will be done at the end of the Workshop.

Addressing any questions, concerns, possible obstacles getting started.

Linking your My Fitness Pal data with my training app.

Step 3: 4-Week Tracking Journey

Once you have completed Step 3, you embark on a 4-week journey of tracking your food, using My FitnessPal.

This 4-weeks does not form part of the 14-weeks of nutrition coaching. I will keep an eye on the data you log, but I won't be checking in on you. You are however more than welcome to ask me questions on how to log items, etc.

This step was not part of the previous coaching model we followed. But I have decided to bring it in for several reasons.

I will enable both of us to see if you are really committed to this journey at this stage of your life.

And it's also a great learning period to implement what you have learned from the guide/workshop and to get to know a little more about the composition of the things you consume.

It also creates a basis from which we can work going forward with the coaching journey.

Take Note: You will also be able to stop the nutrition coaching journey at this stage (obligation free) if you feel that it's not the right time for you to fully commit to it at this stage.

(Once you have completed the form & purchased the Nutrition Guide, you will receive tracking sheets for the 4 weeks as well as the instructions on how to link your MFP with my training app)

Step 4: Coaching Sign Up & Zoom Call (this is when you buy the coaching package)

After the 4-weeks of tracking has passed, we'll set up a Zoom Call.

In this call, we'll do your goal setting for the 14-weeks of nutrition coaching and address any questions.

Step 5: 14-Week Nutrition Coaching Starts

This 14-weeks will be split up according to your goals and calendar, completely individualised.

Step 6: Zoom Call: Exit Strategy

Once the 14-weeks are over, we'll have our final Zoom Call to address your route going forward to ensure you reach your goals and sustain them.

It's important to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will you reach your goals in a day!

It's never an easy task to undo months (if not years) of poor eating habits, fat accumulation and exposing your body to a less than desirable lifestyle. It WILL take time! But the fact that you are here, tells me that you are ready to make a change! And I commend you for that!

I cannot guarantee you any specific outcomes after this 14-weeks. The ball is in your hands and ultimately the amount of effort you put in will be evident in your results. A 40% effort level cannot produce a 100% result. What I can guarantee is that you will have the knowledge to sustain this new lifestyle long after the coaching journey has ended. Once a client, always a friend! If you are done with the coaching journey, my door will always be open for you to ask for help going forward.​​


Cost involved:

  • Nutrition Guide: R449

  • 14-week Coaching: R750pp (R54 per week) - Can be paid in 3 installments of R250 each

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