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Since I invented this goodness, I haven't been able to stop eating it. If you're a chicken lover like me, YOU WILL LOVE THIS! We all love chicken mayo, but we also realise takeaway and coffee shops put an unnecessary amount of mayo into it and we won't even know how much or from which brand the mayo is, which does make a big difference- Let me tell you! It can make or break your tracking!

Nevertheless, this is the perfected ultimate chicken mayo recipe you'll ever need. No weird sauces, only the good stuff, pure and hearty!

You can even use the same concept on top of a toastie or in a salad.

ALSO, did you know that Spur sauce is one of the lowest-calorie sauces? Yes, the best sauce there is, you can have some of that!


2 slices kilojoule controlled Albany brown bread

30g Fat-Free Smooth Cottage Cheese

20g Spur salad & chip sauce

90g cooked chicken breast (shredded)

Spring onions (cut into depending on your taste)

Steers salt


1. Shred the chicken in a bowl and add the Steers salt, Spur sauce and cottage cheese and mix it well together.

2. Add the spring onions and mix in.

3. Add it to the slices of bread and toast it to form a toasted sandwich!

Super easy and honestly THE BEST!

For 1 sandwich/serving
288 calories

8g FAT

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