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TURN UP the HIIT Phase 2

It's no secret, the Turn Up the HIIT 5-week online training program, was and still is - a definite crowd favorite!

Since we've launched our 30min bodyweight 4-sessions per week program back in November 2019 - the positive feedback never stopped coming in! It was & still is such a hi(i)t! See what we did there! Haha

The recent #FitBestRelaunch was a reminder of that!

When we initially decided to do the Online Relaunch, we were only planning to relaunch the Be Your Best Program. However, we are always looking for ways to serve YOU to the best of our abilities. And we get that not everyone have equipment available or 60mins a day to train. Thus we have decided to relaunch all of our programs - to give you the choice!

Fitness should not take over your life, it should compliment and fit into your life! You pick a program that suit your life!

And it just so happens that the Turn Up the HIIT program fit into many of your programs!

Whilst our other programs consist of 4-week phases, the TUtH Program consisted of only one phase of 5-weeks.

The official Online Relaunch phase 1 of TUtH thus ended on 2 October. But don't be sad! We have really exciting news!!!

We have added 5 more weeks to the program! 🥳 Whoop!

Phase 2 of the Turn Up the HIIT program will kick off on Monday, 2 November for the first time ever!

Get your hands on the latest program from #TeamFitBest:

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