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The world has slowed down, so that you can rediscover yourself!


I think it is safe to say, that despite all the sad things the world has seen over the past couple of months. It was also a massive grace period for all of us! The world slowed down completely - in a manner that we would most likely never experience again. And I want to ask you, to briefly look back over the last couple of months. I'm pretty sure that a lot of things have changed in your life. Some things might be small and some might be big. But none the less, there's been changes.

All to often we go through life, thinking that nothing has changed. But it's because we never take time to stop and reflect back. Life as we knew it was a constant hustle, morning till noon, week by week. Feels like just yesterday January 2020 started. And when things changed drastically beyond our wildest expectations - I have realised that we are entering a grace period. Despite what the world around us see, we can chose what we see. We can chose what we focus on. What you focus on will become your reality - whether you like to admit it or not.

Over the past few months the theme "the seasons of life" kept on popping up in my head. And it's probably because I have taken the time to slow down and re-evaluate my life. Where I'm at, and where I am headed. And I started to realise that winter isn't only in the physical. But every year around winter time (coincidentally), I also seem to go through a personal winter.🥶

Winter is a time where things die. Cycles end. Dead-ends are reached. The world outside looks dull and lifeless. But how often do we remind ourselves that winter is so beautifully important & necessary? It's thanks to winter, we look forward to spring. It's thanks to the "death" winter bring, that spring can bring new life & growth! And although I hate winter (the physical one), I know how necessary it is! And I also know - that whether I like it or not - it's still gonna come!

For the past 4 years, every time round about July a "season" ended for me. Career choices, big decisions and bold moves. But without getting into any detail... I want to boggle your mind a bit. Even though I hate getting cold, I value winter. Because it has taught me so much about myself and who I am to my core & helped me grow as a person!

Winter is our yearly reminder to ALLOW certain things in our lives to die down, to let go. To cut off branches that no longer produce fruit & to gracefully exit situations that no longer serves us. I am not only talking about June to August every year. I am taking about whenever you find yourself in a personal winter. We tend to focus on the "dead" and the hardships when we face out winter seasons in life... But I want to encourage you to change your way of thinking about those seasons.

We all love to celebrate spring and the excitement of growth and new life that comes with it. You see, when the future looks promising - it's easy to "accept lessons" and change.

But why do we struggle to do the same on cold wintery mornings?

Just like spring should give us hope, winter has taught me about peace. Peace in knowing that certain things have to die, in order for better things to grow in their place. Peace in knowing that sacrifice will be rewarded. Peace in knowing that hard work will not be in vain. Peace in knowing when you stood up for something you believe in, it will not return fruitless. Peace in knowing that others don't have to experience my season or even understand the mountains that I am facing. Because I know that they all have to face their own winters too. We so very often tend to forget that not everyone is in the same season of life at the same stage.

Just like when it's summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere - just like that, the season you face might be winter when the people around you are experiencing summer. Never be discouraged or compare your journey to someone else's. Their winter seasons will also come. Or they might have just broke through from their winter season - most of the time - we won't even know. The season you're facing is not the season your friend is facing. And that is okay!

The winters of life might not always be pleasant or it might not even be things you have control over. But the seasons won't change. Summer ☀️ Autumn 🍂 Winter ❄ Spring 🌱 & repeat!🔄

We can't fast forward from autumn to spring. Just like we have to endure the seasons on the earth, we have to endure the seasons in our personal lives as well!

And it's up to you how you will go through the winters of life. But I want to encourage you to take on the wintery seasons of your life with peace! Knowing in your heart that spring will come soon. And having peace, knowing that things need to end in order for new things to grow!

Spring is coming, growth will be evident. It will teach you things about life and yourself you never knew! And after that - summer will come - get ready for your harvest! 🙌

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