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The harvest of your labor is not immediate

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

As I was working on future training programs... Father deposited a thought in my mind: The harvest of your labor is not immediate.

I think many times when people hear that I quit my job as a forensic investigator and now pursue my career in fitness full time - that I have a lot of free time on my hands. And yes, although it's true that my hours are adaptable because I am my own boss. I have undoubtedly spent more hours working overtime, late nights, early mornings, going the extra mile, working silently with no one clapping since I have started my own business, than I have ever spent working for an employer. This is not a debate about who works more - when you are self-employed or working for a boss. What I was reminded of today was Col 3:23 - Do everything as unto the Lord. I have made peace a long time ago with the fact that people think I do nothing everyday when I am not giving classes or have personal training clients. What others think of me is a burden that the Father has released me from & I will forever be thankful. But this is not what the post is about. With me being pregnant and our blessing being due at the end of December / start of January - my planning for the future was upped a notch. Since finding out that I was pregnant I started working on future plans to ensure the continuity of my business. Towards the end of my pregnancy and once our baby is here, my daily routines & my body's abilities will look slightly different to what life looks like now. And as I was sitting one day, silently working behind closed doors - Father just popped the phrase into my head: The harvest of your labor is not immediate. What an awesome God we serve! He always knows just what we need - even when we don't even know that we need it. In the season I am in - my harvest is definitely not immediate. The time and effort I am investing at this stage - although the load is heavy, WILL carry it's fruit in due time. May this be a little reminder for you! No matter what we face in our own lives - I want to encourage you today to keep on keeping on. The world does not know everything that you are facing and the world does not have to know. But we can continue to run the race with good faith and do everything we do - as unto the Lord. If that becomes your mindset - then it doesn't matter who's clapping or who knows what you are up to. Because the One Who matters most knows! And He promises us a harvest if we persevere in the challenges we face! God does not go back on His promises!

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