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Taystee Crumbed Chicken Strips & Mint Yogurt Dip

This time around we are literally putting TAYSTEE in chicken strips and combining it with an easy no mayo natural dip! Can I get a "whoop whoop!?"

As you may have seen, I am challenging myself with nutrition coaching from our very own owner, Renche! We thought it would be a lovely idea to share lower calorie, satisfying recipes I will be making for myself in this time, like we always do! So for the next 3 months get ready for some centimer losses and some good food gan!

Ingredients for chicken strips:

Taystee Wheat (enough to roll the strips in)

1 extra large egg


Onion Flakes

Spray & cook


Mixed herbs

Ingredients for yogurt dip:

1/2 cup plain yogurt

1 tsp 100% lemon juice

1 tsp mint leaves

(Just mix all of the above together and serve!)


1. Take the uncooked chicken breast fillets and cut them in desired size strips.

2. Bring the dry ingredients to a bowl and mix them together.

3. Bring the egg and salt to a bowl and mix them together.

4. Take each chicken strip and dip it firstly in the egg batter and then in the dry ingredients batter and transfer to a sprayed oven pan.

5. Bake for 10mins on 180 degrees celsius or until golden brown. Check regularly. /You can pop them in the airfryer if you wish as well.

6. Serve with mint yogurt dip!


Nutritional value per 100g chicken strips:

123 CALS

3,5g C

2,8g F

18,7g P

Nutritional value per 0.5 cup mint yogurt dip:


5,2g C

2,3g F

11,3g P

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