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Strong Core Vs Rock Hard Abs

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Scrolling through social media, you will probably see many pictures of girls with rocking abs and think to yourself – I want her abs. However, ladies, what if I told you – you had it all wrong.

I would choose core exercises over any type of ab exercise – any day of the week! Many people make the mistake by thinking core = abs. However, rock solid abs do not necessarily indicate that you have a strong core. Surprised by this news? Let me explain a little bit more.

Your ab muscles refer to your abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles consist of four main muscles groups, namely: Rectus Abdominus – the Six Pack muscles – these muscles are the top layer (closest to the skin); Transverse abdominus – the deep muscles around your stomach; and the Internal & External Obliques (the side muscles – hidden under some muffin tops from time to time).

Your core however, includes way more muscles than just your abs. Our core consists of our lower back muscles, hips, glutes (bum muscles), allllll of the muscles in the pelvis as well as our ab muscles.

Please understand my point of view – I am not saying you should not be doing any type of exercises to train your abdominal muscles. What I am saying is, that if you really want strong abs – you need to incorporate core exercises into your training programs.

Core conditioning will ensure that your entire body is strong and balanced and that you maintain proper posture. A strong core will decrease your chances of injury. Proper core strength will improve your functional abilities in daily life. Core exercises can be classified as functional training. Functional training is aimed to exercise the body in a manner that you can gain benefits on a day to day basis – performing daily tasks without placing strain on your body or getting injured. As our core is the center and control point of every exercise we can perform – the stronger your core become – the stronger your entire body will become.

So next time you scroll through social media and stare for hours to abs like chocolate slabs – don’t start doing every abs exercise you can think of. Start training your core, and the abs will present themselves in due time!

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