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Smashed Baby Potatoes

Did you know that potatoes and sweet potatoes are actually very similar nutrition-wise?
SO that means that you don't have to eat sweet potato because it's "healthier". Both are very nutritious and a good source of carbs for your body!

I have been eating a lot of potatoes these last few months on a budget and I do love it. They are really versatile and satisfies the hunger well! Baby potatoes are great for a side dish and I've got the perfect recipe for you.

These smashed potatoes will step up your potato game and it is a fun add-on for the kids as well with only 2 ingredients!

-350g Baby Potatoes any brand (I use steamed bag at WW with garlic butter, you get a 700g bag as well)
-Steers salt
-*Tomato Sauce Light (optional)
1.Remove the garlic butter from the bag beforehand, for fewer calories. (The butter doesn't make a huge difference in taste)
2. Cut a small corner of the bag and steam the baby potatoes for 8-12mins on high in the microwave.
3. Remove the bag and pop the baby potatoes into the air fryer for 7-10 mins at 200 degrees Celsius, until desired crispiness. Lightly season with Steers salt.
4. Remove crispy potatoes and smash them with a big spoon on a plate.
5. Serve with Light Tomato sauce or desired sauce of choice.

Easy, cheap, low-cal and delish!

Nutritional Value

For 350g serving:
272 calories
55,6g C
0.3g F
5.2g P

For 100g:
15.9g C
0.1g F
1.5g P

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