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Re-Align. REST!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

So I saw this post in a dear friend of mine's stories the other day. And everything inside of me jumped up and down and applauded in agreement from within.

The last few months, as you would have noticed - I have been quite in active on my page. Not posting as often as I would have wanted to.

But other life things were happening. Some of you would know that I have quit my corporate job as a forensic investigator back in July this year. However, not many of you probably would have know that I took on another supposedly "small job" in exchange. After ditching the corporate sector, I became the Accounts Manager at the swim school where I coach.

And although the job is not merely as intense as the corporate life. Things have been BUSY to put it lightly. July as a swim coach is usually the most quiet and relaxing times of our year - as the pool is closed for the entire month for annual maintenance. So we, as the coaches get an entire month all to ourselves (pretty nice perks, I bet your job does not offer that😜). A month to relax and do all of the things which you other wise can't find time for.

However, THIS July... This July I quit my job and took up a new one, and it was the most intensive July of my life to say the very least. First week in, I have realized that there are much more work to be done and sorted out than we initially thought. However, family-first-renché, decided to set proper work boundaries from day 1. Working 8-5. Nothing earlier, nothing later. Well, let's just say, to-do-list-renché managed to screw those boundaries by day 3. Being very goal orientated and driven, I usually go in over drive when my work load increases.

And besides the so called small little job I took on, I am still trying to build FIT BEST Training to become what I envision it to be one day. In the roller-coaster of it all, I had to postpone online challenges and place somethings on hold, trying to tread water for my life (swim coach pun intended).

Some of you might clap and nod your heads, relating to my behavior & circumstances. Well, I am here to tell you that - if you just related - today I won't be giving you a tap on the shoulder! Sorry.

In the past few months so many acquaintances have told me how hard they can see I am working and that it is such a good thing, etc.

And although I appreciate those comments - because I know they are all intended so purely. Time and time again it hit me like an ice cold bucket of freezing reality water right in the face.

Since July I have worked days & nights at once to get everything done & approximately 2 weeks ago I finally finished with what we thought would have been done at the end of July. Over two months later than planned & it was most definitely not because I slacked off.

I have busted my ass day after day. And although it might be necessary from time to time in life to do so. I want to remind you that it is NOT necessary, nor normal, nor good, nor beneficial for you to constantly be hustling in life.

In case you have lost a little focus from the long read, please read that sentence again and tie it to you mind. This is so important! No matter how much the world promotes, flourishes and thrives on being busy & pretending that it is a good thing.

Let me take you back to Genisis 2:2 (KJV) - "And on the seventh day God ENDED his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made."

The International Standard Version even says it better: "BY the seventh day God had completed the work he had been doing, so ON the seventh day he stopped working on everything that he had done."

God did not complete His work on the sixth day. He completed His works on the seventh day by RESTING!

Resting, contrary to the world's tragic believe system, is not something that comes after the work has been done. Resting is part of the work. It is part of the process to complete things!

Once you discover this piece of truth, you perspective shifts to a entire new dimension!

The past few months, I have lost track of my perspective on how I want to live my life. A life solely build on living in God's rhythm! It does not mean a life of loafing and no work. It simply means a life walking with Him through every situation. As soon as you kick start the worldly hustle engine back on, things (💩) are about to go down. You'll loose the Godly rhythm and you will experience the worldly chaos!

So this is me, acknowledging that I have de-railed and lost the rhythm. I ended up with a few (aka way to many) extra chaotic beats to my rhythm - and that was exhausting!

Destroy every idea that tells you that you have to hustle, work or perform to achieve something.

You are good enough, you are made in the Image of the Living God - how can you ever think you are not enough!

You are right on track, you are making progress. You need to rest to complete your works.

How different this blue dot 🌍 will be, once more people could realize this!

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