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Rainbow Coleslaw Dip

In a small batch or in a bigger portion for a side dish, this recipe is a winner either way!

I am not a fan of coleslaw, I can't stand the blops of mayo that are added so this is a good alternative for people like me!

Ingredients for dip:

100g washed rainbow coleslaw bag includes: carrots, spinach, cabbage and coriander

3 tbsp double cream plain yogurt

1 tbsp fat free cottage cheese

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp dried/fresh parsley

1 tsp honey

TIP* Tripple the ingredients for a big rainbow coleslaw


1. Mix together the cottage cheese and yogurt at first.

2. Add the other ingredients and drizzle the honey on top.

You can dip in some colourful bell peppers for a snack idea!

Nutrition facts:

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