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Quick Chicken Salad

It's weekend! Time to kick off your shoes, spend some time in the sun and enjoy quick and easy lunches =) There is nothing better than a salad on a lazy Saturday afternoon!

Today I'm sharing more of an " inspiration" than a recipe. You can add any fresh ingredients that is available in your garden and in your fridge - no limits! The more colours you can add to your salad, the better.

Quick Chicken Salad

2 Portions


3 Cups Spinach, shredded

10 Cocktail Tomatoes, Halved

1 Small Red Onion, cut into thin rounds

50 g Soft Goats Cheese, crumbled (Use flavour of your choice)

10 Almonds, diced

140 g Sliced Free Range Smoked Chicken Breast (Or you can prepare your own chicken strips with just a little seasoning)

Olive oil for serving

  1. Get your best salad bowl and combine all the ingredients. Drizzle with a little Olive Oil and serve with a slice of Ciabatta with Cottage Cheese! DELICIOUS!

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