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Pumpkin French Toast

One of my good old fashioned recipes I have been using for over three years now and share back in 2019 on my own page is Pumpkin French Toast. It is an all time favourite! And I am so happy to share it on here!

This month was definitely a pumpkin month! I am surprised I am not orange yet! I used pumpkin for so many things like, veggie soup, pumpkin soup, french toast, blondies, pudding, porridge etc. It is so versatile and that's what I love most about it!

(For 2 servings)


60g steamed pumpkin

2 slices low cal Albany brown bread

1 whole egg



spray & cook

dash of milk


Peanut Butter





1. Blend steamed pumpkin and egg and milk

2. Pour batter into a bowl, to dip your bread in

3. Spray and cook a frying non-stick pan on medium heat

4. Dip bread into batter and onto your frying pan

5. Cook your bread on both sides until golden brown

Nutritional info:

Without toppings (2 servings=2 bread slices)

217 cals

24g C

6g F

14g P

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