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Pass Over / Pesach Readings

[2-13 April 2023]

As you know, we are currently in the Book of Leviticus with our weekly Torah readings. And this week would have been our third portion in Leviticus. However, the yearly Torah readings are always "interrupted" by the Biblical festivals. In those weeks, we read from Scripture that's related to the applicable festival that's being celebrated.

And we are currently in the week of the feast of Pesach, Unleavened Bread and the Feast of First Fruits.

There are 7 Biblical Feasts. And NO! They are not Jewish festivals. Yes, the Jews observe them, because they believe in the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible). But when we read the Bible it's very clear that these feasts belongs to God! And not to the Jews. If these feasts belongs to God, it means that it's still important to us as believers today!

We should definitely not be celebrating the feasts like the Jews did with the animal sacrifices, and all kinds of traditions, etc. The Jews celebrated Pesach as a yearly reminder that God saved and freed them from Egypt. In today's life, Egypt to us, is a symbolic representation of our bondage and sin. And just like God had made the Israelites free from physical Egypt, in the same manner He made us free from spiritual Egypt (sin & bondage). We are made free from our spiritual Egypt through Yeshua's Blood that was shed on the cross.

Thus when we, as followers of Yeshua, celebrate the Biblical feasts - and especially Pesach, since it's the season that we are currently in - we are not celebrating it in a traditional and obligatory way. We are celebrating it for the glorious CELEBRATION that it is! Celebrating the fact that we are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb!

Chag Sameach! Have a blessed Pesach!


In 2022, I have written a blog post about the difference between Easter and Pesach - you can go read it here.

Often times people think that these are two names for the same festival. I know I thought so back in the day. So I am definitely not judging! I want to encourage you to go and read last year's blog. There's also several links to helpful articles and teaching that you can use to do your own research before you make up your mind.

And at the end of March 2023, I also did a live talk with Tiaan Nel from Hebrew People on Instagram - with the title "A Beginner's Guide to Pesach." I can highly recommend that you would go and listen to it as well. You can find the talk here.


This year Pesach is celebrated form sunset on

Wednesday, 5 April until sunset on Tuesday, 13 April 2023.

(In 2022's blog post - there's a full explanation of the diagram below!)

Scripture regarding Pesach:

  • Exodus Chapter 12, 32-34

  • Leviticus Chapter 7-8

  • Numbers Chapter 9:1-4

  • Deuteronomy Chapter 16:6

  • Proverbs Chapter 24-27

  • Isiah Chapter 33-38 & 53

  • Ezra Chapter 8:31

  • Esther Chapter 3

  • Malachi Chapter 3-4

  • Matthew Chapter 21-28

  • Mark Chapter 11 & 15

  • Luke Chapter 1, 22-24

  • John Chapter 19-20

  • Acts Chapter 23-26

  • 1 Corinthians Chapter 5 & 15

  • Hebrews Chapter 10

  • Revelations Chapter 17-20

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