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No Junk Date Balls

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Are you a fan of dates or not like our Fitbest-owner? I can guarantee you'll still like these nutritious date balls, you won't even know they are made with dates! They just taste like caramel balls!

You are going to need a food-processor or high speed blender to easily make the mixture for this recipe!

You know, I never liked dates as well, the thought was not so nice to me. BUT I began to love date squares that my grandmother made me and I adapted it to ball-form for you guys with my twist on them! So they are good AND FREE from added sugar and refined sugars!


32g instant oats

1 tsp peanut butter/ powdered peanut butter PB2

1 tsp skinny hot chocolate NOMU/cocoa powder

handful of pecans

desiccated coconut for rolling the balls in

dash of milk

1 cup of dates


  1. Bring 50 ml boiling water and your dates to a pot/sauce pan on medium heat. Let them simmer and become a toffee vibe.

  2. In the meantime blend the oats, peanut butter, hot choc/cocoa and pecans together. Pulse them with the blender if you can.

  3. Bring the blended dry ingredients to bowl.

  4. Now take the dates from the pot and add them to your blender, add a dash of milk and blend.

  5. After blended, add the dates to the mixture and mix well with greased hands. (I used coconut oil spray and cook to grease my hands.)

  6. Roll into small bite size balls. Dip and roll them then in desiccated coconut and refrigerate or freeze.


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