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Tired of eating sugar-free jelly? I've got an alternative recipe for you! It tastes more like a pudding and you can choose your own flavour with only 3 ingredients!

My grandmother actually taught me this recipe as she has diabetes and always has different recipes to accommodate her desserts. This is a very low-calorie dessert with lots of volume, to keep you inside those calories and satisfy your sweettooth for the day!

1 serving

1 packet (10g) sugar-free jelly (flavour of choice) Simply Delish/Tantalize

30ml almond milk/milk

1 tbsp plain yogurt

  1. Add boiling water to the packet of jelly in a bowl.

  2. Mix thoroughly till jelly is dissolved.

  3. Transfer the jelly mixture to a blender and add the milk and yogurt.

  4. Blend and then refrigerate overnight.

  5. Enjoy as a pudding with ice cream or just as is.

Nutritional information:

1 serving

32 Calories

2g Carbs

1g Fat

5g Protein

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