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After long discussions and weighing all of our options - we regret to inform you, that we have decided to postpone the HiiT HYPE Challenge!

The program was supposed to launch on 7 September 2020. But will now only be launching at the start of 2021. This it's only postponed and not cancelled!

We were so excited to launch the challenge – but quality outweighs quantity every single time! As #TeamFitBest, we are always looking for ways to offer you the very best service we possibly can! So, it’s more important for us to make sure, that when we do launch a program – that we are 100% certain that you get the best of the best!

Lockdown surely changed a lot of things and a lot of lives. But we believe that every situation is an opportunity for growth! So, no complaints! We are embracing this time!

As most of you would known - we have been providing online training programs on an APP since November 2019. Online definitely is the way to go! And we love reaching people from all over South Africa and Namibia, instead of just Potch.

We were looking at software providers to improve our services and the members’ app experience. But as you can imagine, with lockdown – the world went online. So, the third-party software companies have been totally overwhelmed and overloaded with new members & brand. Which is great for them. But we want more! As always, we strive to be a step ahead in the fitness industry…

So, it comes with great excitement that we can officially say:

We are launching our very own FIT BEST Training APP!

Yeah yeahhh!!! Just like you’re searching for Instagram or Facebook or any other legit app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store – you will be able to find us as well!

No more third-party software, no more links to follow in order to download the app. State of the art technology, improved user experience, amazing tech. The features will be amazing!

All of this obviously takes some time!

We cannot wait to share more details with you! And in due time we will!

But you know, sadly there are so many copy cats in the world – especially in an industry like this. And there are always a few prying eyes, following your page and checking your moves – so that they can go and do the same in their businesses. Yep, we’re not making it up. Appears that we are quite the trendsetter these days. But we’re taking it as a compliment! Haha.

So, with all of this being said!

The HiiT Hype Program will no longer launch on Monday, 7 September 2020. It will launch in January on our very own Fit Best Training app.

If you have already purchased the program on our pre-sale:

To the people who have already purchased the program, we will contact you directly. We can either refund you, or you can use the credit for another program or our Live workouts - or the credit will remain on your account until January 2021, when the program kicks off.

Even though this may be a little disappointing to many of you. Rest assured!

We have several other exciting things coming your way. And we always find ways to keep you active and healthy! Thank you for understanding.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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