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Dinner: Healthy Macaroni & Cheese

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

You didn't expect to see a cauliflower head with this recipe, did you? We are switching it up, with nutrient filled mac & cheese and changing the thought of an unhealthy dish to a more nutritious one!

This recipe is vegan, but if you want to add your own source of meat, you are welcome too!

Soooooo, cauliflower?

Cauliflower has:

  • 100% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C.

  • About a quarter of your daily vitamin K.

  • 2% of your daily calcium and iron.

  • 6% of your daily potassium.

  • More than 3 % of your daily magnesium.

I'm just going to jump right into this recipe, because I am so excited for you to know how cauliflower can be added to a delicious mac & cheese dish!

We all love cauliflower when it's made with a very creamy cheese sauce and baked in the oven with extra cheese on top? Right?

For this one we're making our cheese sauce WITH cauliflower!


1 cauliflower head

1 cup baby spinach/kale

1 tbsp garlic

salt & pepper

4 pepperdews

1 packet of chickpea pasta/wholewheat

1 cup grated mozzarella

Dash of Almond Milk

Parm Cheese


  1. Cook the chickpea pasta with dash of salt beforehand.

  2. Then steam the cauliflower head. Make sure it is steamed thoroughly. Let it cool down for about 10min.

  3. Bring the cauliflower head to a blender with a dash of milk, 2 tbsp garlic and salt.

  4. After you've blended it add the mozzarella to the blend and blend further.

  5. Pour the sauce over the cooked chickpea pasta in an oven bowl.

  6. Add baby spinach and the pepperdews and mix everything well.

  7. Sprinkle some extra cheese and parmesan cheese over the dish.

  8. Bake for +- 30 min in the oven at 180 degrees celsius.

This recipe is quick, easy and healthy! Hope you enjoy!

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