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Chuckles Shortcake Weetbix

Since overnight Weetbix is becoming a trend and I've been eating it this whole week, I wanted to create a Chuckles edition. High protein of course, with shortcake, crumbles at the center. OH, WOW and what a success! If you don't have a Woolworths near your no worry, buy yourself the Tumbles Shortcake edition, it's the same thing!

These are my absolute favourite flavoured chuckles from Woolworths, I love them so much!

For 1 serving:


2 Weetbix biscuits

15g Eat-sum-more shortbread (I use the small packets)

6g Skinny Hot Chocolate- Nomu OR 1 piece of Lindt Milk Chocolate or any 10g milk chocolate

30 ml milk of choice

0,5 teaspoon xanthum gum

15g METALAB Vanilla Protein Whey/Chocolate Whey (Use "LARA15" for 15% discount)


Biscuit porridge:

  1. Mix in hot water with the Weetbix biscuits until in a porridge.

  2. Add vanilla protein whey.

  3. Put 3 mini shortbread (10g) biscuits into the middle of the porridge.

Chocolate coating:

  1. Mix the Skinny hot choc or melted milk chocolate with a bit of milk and transfer directly over the porridge mixture. Mix in the xanthum gum.

  2. Top of with the rest of the crushed eat sum more biscuits and refrigerate overnight or for 3-4 hours.

  3. Enjoy!

FOR 1 SERVING: 267 calories


5g FAT


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