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Build a Life you Love!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

It’s been almost a year since I have quit my job as a full-time forensic investigator! Whoop whoop! I haven’t regretted my choice for a single day!

I truly believe that we are responsible for the success and joy of our own lives! It’s up to each and everyone to decide what kind of life they want to live and then to take the initiative to make it happen!

Sadly, so many people go their entire live, working in a profession they don’t even like – because someone once told them, very long ago, that it would pay well or that their personalities “fit” that job description!

Well, I am here to call an end to this. And doing so on the so-called National Worker’s Day! I have used this quote when I quit my job and it read: Sometimes it pays to take a risk & quit your job! There is not enough money in the world to make you truly happy. And if anyone tells you differently, they are lying to themselves.

According to my personality analyzations, my personality fits perfectly into the accounting / auditing sphere. And trust me when I say, I have done several tests in my high school years to decide which direction I would take with my studies. And you might laugh, but I choose my study field myself! Erh hello boring! Nobody forced me or told me that I need to go study forensic accounting or that it would pay well blah, blah, blah. So yes, I am very precise, down to the T with accounting and admin. I am organized and a problem solver. But heck man! It doesn’t mean that accounting is the only way to go! I finished my studies, worked in the industry for over 3 years and then decided to call it quits!

Almost a year since I quit my job – and my view on this topic haven’t changed a single bit! In fact, it just got stronger! If something doesn’t serve you, it doesn’t serve a purpose – it’s as simple as that!

Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something you love is called passion.

And if you are unsure whether you are passionate about your current job. Well let me clear it up for you, if you’re not sure – then the answer is NO! When you have found something you are passionate about, you won’t have to think about it – you’ll simply know!

Life is hard and you will most likely work for the biggest part of your existence. And therefore, it is of utmost importance to find something that you truly love.

I want to encourage you – whether you are still in school, in university or part of the working class – maybe you haven’t had an official job for a single day in your life. It doesn’t matter. I want to encourage you to be brave enough to go after the life you really love.

If you want a specific career, work hard to get there. If you want to become fit, get of your couch and start exercising. If you want to be a stay at home mom, unfollow everyone who says that stay at home moms do nothing all day. If you want to change careers do it! If you want to change your field of studies – do it! It’s much easier, to study a little longer, have a few hard years. Start again from the bottom in a new line of work. Take a chance on something new. Suck for a little while. All of these things are so much easier than living a live that doesn’t reward your soul!

I am not saying everyone should quit their jobs - heck no. But you can make small changes on a daily basis to get you to where you want to end up. So many times when people hear that I quit my job to pursue my passion, they are quick to default to the "oh you are so lucky, I wish I could do that." And then I'm like - girl, can we go for a coffee - clearly I need to explain things for you.

My passion for fitness was something I have had since I was a little girl. I have been active my entire life and played sports all throughout my school years as well as on university. After I finished my studies, I immediately started working full time for a forensic company based in Pretoria. I was fortunate to work in Potch for a Pretoria based company and I only traveled once a month to Pretoria max. Due to the nature of my work, my hours were quite lenient. I got paid for the work that I have done. So no work, no pay. And no work does not pay the bills! So I have busted my ass to earn my income. I did not sit back and simply receive an salary regardless of how many hours of work I have put in.

After a year and a half of doing forensics full time, I did my group fitness instructor certification and started instructing classes at Virgin Active here in Potchefstroom. I continued with my full time forensics job. It was also round about that time, that I started coaching swimming to toddlers and babies at a local swimming academy. So by the end of

2017, I was a full time forensic investigator, a part time swim coach and a part time group fitness instructor. It was also at round about that time that I have started my my studies to become a personal trainer. Three job descriptions plus studies in the background. I started FIT BEST Training back in August 2018. And then finally in July 2019, I quit my job as a forensic investigator. However, I took on an new job in the accounting industry as the accounts manager of the swimming school where I still coach to this day.

Well, I don't know about you. But I don't think too many of you who told me "oh, you're so lucky" - actually took time to think what it took to get to this point! Building the life you love won't be easy! Trust me when I say that! But I promise you that it would be worth it every single day! When I look back on my life journey - I'll be able to say that I lived my life to the fullest. I didn't sit in a career that didn't bring fulfillment to my life. You are either building someone else's dream or you can start to build your own! We don't all have to be business owners, we don't all have to start something new! Maybe some of you are already in your dream career & therefore I am thankful! But if this post stirred something in you today - I want you to ask yourself an honest question. Is this the life you want to live for the rest of your life? If you said no. The answer is simple. It's up to you to make a change. It's up to you to build a life you love!

You already have what it takes! Just go for it & make it happen!

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