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Breakfast Pizza

Updated: Jul 31, 2020


Craving pizza for breakfast? This is a MUST!

Healthify it in this way for a protein boost!

For a lover of eggs, this is definitely something I can eat every day for a long time. With greens, reds, oranges and yellow this pizza is so balanced, filling and nutritious! You can even add a rye or bread slice, like I did, for a healthy carb. Let's get into it!

Ingredients for 1 pizza/serving:

> 2 large free-range eggs

> dash of milk/dairy-free milk

> 30g grated mozzarella

> rosa tomatoes

> 10g feta cheese

> steamed spinach/kale

> 2 or 3 chopped peppadews

> coconut oil cooking spray


  1. Spray a frying pan with cooking spray and bring to medium heat.

  2. Beat the two large eggs together with a dash of milk and just less than half of the grated mozzarella. Add a bit of salt if desired.

  3. Pour the egg mixture into the frying pan. Don't cover the pan, keep it open.

  4. Wait for the omelet part to cook and cut the kale, tomatoes, and peppadews into tiny pieces.

  5. Top of the open omelet base with the toppings.

  6. Still, on medium heat, wait for a few minutes and then sprinkle the feta cheese over and add the rest of the leftover mozzarella.

One perfect high protein nutritious breakfast coming up!

Calories: 332


F: 29,7g


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