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Aqua Aerobics & Why you Should Consider Joining

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

When someone mentions Aqua Aerobics – too often people’s immediate response is that it is only for old ladies. Well I want to ask you a question before we go any further! Have you ever attended an aqua aerobics class before? Probably not – since you think it is only for old ladies.

Being in the fitness industry, I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and improve my professional development. So, when the opportunity rised to become an Aqua Aerobics Instructor – I almost made a few back flips in the pool. Just kidding, I can’t do back flips – but you get where I am headed.

You might be pleasantly surprised by how much fun a water aerobics class can turn out to be. As soon as you are immersed in the water, there is an immediate impact on the human body – simply by standing in the water.

Many people think that the movements in water is slow and easy – hence why older people do it. But the truth is, the only reason why older people like is that much is due to the fact the water aerobics does not have a very high injury rate. But does it mean that the younger generation can not benefit from water aerobics? Absolutely not!

I always remind my class participant (which are 95% under the age of 60 by the way) – that the effort you put into the water is the benefit you will gain from the exercise. The harder you push, the harder the water pushes back against your body.

The intensity of the exercises you perform will be affected by the following:

· The speed of movements;

· The rate of change in speed (acceleration);

· The surface area (frontal resistance);

· The participant’s inertia (effort inserted / input);

· The number of changes in direction.

Did you know that your body cools down faster in water than it does in air? That’s why people very seldom realize that they are actually sweating when they are immersed in water as well. When you exercise in water which is colder than your body temperature, the water draws heat from your body through conduction.

Conduction is one of the body’s thermoregulation functions. It enables the body to transfer heat when the body is in direct contact with a substance – air or water or an object – i.e. sitting on a cold floor. As in most cases, the water of the pool’s temperature is below normal body temperature. Your heat when exercising in water is mainly dissipated by conduction due to the body being surrounded by the cooler water.

Benefits of regular exercise (not only based on water aerobics) – as researched by ACSM:

· Reduced mortality & the risk of recurrent breast cancer by approximately 50%;

· Lower risk of colon cancer by over 60%’

· Reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by approximately 40%;

· Reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure by approximately 40%;

· Lower the risk of stroke by 27%;

· Lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 58%.

When taking these statistics into account – it is no surprise that many people acknowledge exercise as a method of medicine. It’s a tool used to manage and prevent over 40 chronic diseases.

If you are not convinced yet, here are some of the psychological benefits of regular exercises:

· Helps to develop a positive attitude;

· Contributes to a feeling of well-being;

· Releases stress, anxiety and tension (we all can benefit from this one);

· Improved self-image;

· Increases sense of self-control;

· Improved sleeping patterns;

· Renews energy;

· Provides an opportunity for social interaction and a feeling of belonging;

· Regular exercise has lower absenteeism and lower health care expenses.

Aqua Aerobics can be a fun workout – and it might be just the right thing to get you moving and kick start your way to a healthy active lifestyle.

Join me as I instruct Aqua Aerobics at AquaZone Swim Academy in Potchefstroom – Every Tuesday from 08:15 to 09:00.

For more information – please contact me!

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