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21-Day Rainbow Reset Challenge

Join our 🌈 21-Day Rainbow Reset Challenge 🌈

& let's look after our bodies better than ever before!

Starting 11 January & ending 31 January!

This is NOT a detox nor a weight loss plan nor a juice cleanse! Nor any unrealistic and unhealthy fad diet / challenge!

Smoothies are a effective way to get in a bunch of nutrients on a daily basis! 🥤 Throw it all in a cup, blitz it up & sip-sip on the goodness!

We are all about promoting a healthy lifestyle. But we always remind you to do it in a SUSTAINABLE way! If it's not sustainable in the long run - there's no point to it!👊

This smoothies might just become your go-to breakfast option for the rest of the year 🤷‍♀️... & if you love them that much, why not? Your body will thank you for all the yummy nutrients you're giving it!

On 10 January, we'll send out the recipes for 7 different delicious smoothies!

The aim is to drink a different colour smoothie every day of the week. Thus for the 21 days, you will for instance drink the red smoothie every Monday, the green one every Tuesday, etc.

Every colour is based on specific ingredients & we have selected the ingredients for their specific health benefits.

It's of course up to you! You don't HAVE to drink a different colour smoothie everyday. If you want to drink the pink one for 21 days straight - who's gonna stop you!🤪

Sign up today!

It's completely FREE!


In this video, Lara tells us a bit more about how the challenge will work:

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