Nutrition Coaching 

Health is Wealth!

No more fad diets, no more food restrictions, no more starvation!

Food is fuel! & every thing you eat has an impact on your DNA!

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14-Week Nutrition Coaching

Do you struggle to stay accountable and form a healthy relationship with food? Tried every diet on the internet & just gained back the weight you've lost as soon as the diet was over? Trying, trying and trying again and failing ever.single.time?

We call an end to that! Let's help you to ditch all of it and educate you how you can loose weight, maintain your weight or even gain weight  - in a healthy and sustainable way!

In order to sign up for nutrition coaching, you have to sign up for at least 3 months. Should the 3 months fly by and you don't feel confident enough to continue on your own - you can simply sign up for another 3 months!

This is all about educating our clients about food and showing you that no food group is bad nor should you have any restrictions of any food groups! Carbs are not the enemy! In fact, they're pretty awesome!

How it works:

  • You sign up by buying the Nutrition Coaching Package;

  • You read through the Nutrition Guide;

  • Once you've read through he guide - we arrange a Set Up Coaching Call;

  • Set Up Coaching Call takes place via Zoom, where I explain everything to you & we do the calculations for your specific goals;

  • Afer the Set Up Call, I will send you your PDF document with everything we have discussed in the call;

  • Then you get started!

  • I will do weekly check ins with you via Whatsapp & provide monthly feedback PDF's on your progress and adjustments from month to month.

  • At the end of the 3 months, we arrange another Coaching Call via Zoom - we then discuss the way forward, whether you want to continue on your own of if you want to do another 3 months of coaching with me. Which ever one you chose - I'll guide you every step of the way!