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          Nutrition Coaching 

Health is Wealth!

No more fad diets, no more food restrictions, no more starvation!

Food is fuel! & every thing you eat has an impact on your DNA!

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14-Week Nutrition Coaching

Join our 14-week nutrition coaching! Renché or Lara will coach you one-on-one on this journey.

If' you are unsure about what exactly this challenge entails - you are welcome to send us a email or contact us on social media!

Over the 14-weeks we will educate you on the basics of nutrition - using our Nutrition Guide. If you have already purchased the Nutrition Guide before - you can simply sign up for the Coaching. And if you haven't purchased the Nutrition Guide before - you can purchase the combo package (Guide & Coaching).

Rome wasn't built in a day & neither will you reach your goals in a day! It's all about building a sustainable healthy lifestyle and building a good relationship with food! Once you are done with this 14-week coaching & you have put in the effort form your side, we can guarantee that you will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to manage your nutrition on your own!

How it works:

  • You sign up by buying the Nutrition Coaching Package / Coaching Only ;

  • You read through the Nutrition Guide;

  • Once you've read through he guide - we arrange a Set Up Coaching Call;

  • Set Up Coaching Call takes place via Zoom, where we explain everything to you & we do the calculations for your specific goals;

  • After the Set Up Call, you will receive a  PDF document with everything we have discussed in the call;

  • Then you get started!

  • We will do weekly check-in's with you via Whatsapp & provide monthly (every 4 weeks) feedback PDF's on your progress and adjustments from month to month.

  • At the end of the 14-weeks, we arrange another Coaching Call via Zoom - we then discuss the way forward, whatever your journey ahead might look like! the way!


Cost involved:

  • Option 1: Once Off: R 999pp (R72 per week)

  • Option 2: Paid in Installments: R 1 046pp (R75 per week)

Before/on Week before Phase 1: R449 (Nutrition Guide Fee)

Before/on Phase 1:  R199 (Month 1 Coaching Fee)

Before/on Phase 2: R199 (Month 2 Coaching Fee)

Before/on Phase 3: R199 (Month 3 Coaching Fee)