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If you know me personally or have been following me on social media, you'd know that being a mom was something I have wanted all my life. It doesn't necesarily mean that I wanted to start with kids right away when we got married, but I knew since I could remember that one day I wanted to be a mom and to be athome, able to raise them myself. It's been challenging but way more rewarding than I could have ever dreamt of or hoped for!

Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

In this eBook I share EVERYTHING I wish I knew or had access to when I was pregnant for the first time.


Encouraging Experiences

After my first pregnancy and birth experience, I have done a series of live talks with normal everyday moms.

We share our different journeys and shed some light into topics that often don't get discussed or are portrayed in a negative light; such as giving natural birth and breastfeeding.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are all beautiful and can be enjoyed - despite what the world wants you to believe.

LEAN Pregnancy

Pregnancy Strength, Pelvic Floor & Mobility Training Program


Focus: Building lean muscle, pelvic floor & core strengthening and mobility.

Program Duration: 40 weeks

Sessions per Week: 4-5 sessions

Duration per Session: 30-60 minutes

Equipment Required: 

You can start this program
 anytime you want.

Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum Recovery Training Program

Recovering pelvic floor and core muscles before getting back into normal exercise routine.

Program Duration: 4 weeks+

Sessions per Week: 3 sessions

Duration per Session: 20-45 minutes

Equipment RequiredMat

You can start this program anytime you want.

Pre-Loved Store

I'm a firm believer that if you haven't worn something that's in your cupboard for more than a year - it has to go!

I'm selling some of my day to day wear, event dresses, active wear and even some household things and tech.

The colour I've decided on for the Motherhood puzzle piece is teal / jade.
 It's a deep green colour and emphasizes a fruitful and peaceful atmosphere. How beautiful! A reminder that even in the chaos of motherhood, you can be at complete peace (Job 5:23 & 22:22). The colour is often associated with someone who is tired, overworked and burned-out (Numbers 21:4) - words most moms would be able to resonate with easily. The colour also carries the connotation of dignity that has benn taineted with, when someone is no longer carried in high esteem any longer (Job 9:32 & 19:18) - i.e. they way people react when you decide to give up your career to become "just" a stay-at-home mom. In the hustle and bustle of today's world and the skewed look of family dynamics accepted by the vast majority these days. The colour is inerestingly enough connected to both boredom and excitement. Depending on your perspective; some view motherhood as boring, whilst others appreciate it for the beautiful blessing an privilege it is (Isaiah 56:10; Romans 11:8)!

It's all about finding joy in the mundane!

The colour also comes with a promise of making things new (Luke 5:36; Matthew 9:18)! It can be a promise that the Lord is bringing something new (like a small bundle of joy) into your life or to give you a new challenge. He's calling you to embrace the journey and allowing Him to mature and prune you through motherhood!

May this colour and this page be your reminder that you are doing a great job and you are worth so much more than the labels the world slaps on you.

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