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Right from the get go, it was clear to see that FIT BEST is not your typical fitness brand.

What initially started with fitness, soon developed into way more. The next puzzle piece that came together was the faith one. From the start, I have shared that you won't see a feed with countless selfies and ab-checks or an obsession with food nor the scale.


Being able to move our bodies and be healthy is one massive blessing, right from the hand of the Father. My body is a temple where the King of Kings dwells - not a idol. And I will never portray a message contrary to that. Might bite me in the bum, and I have made peace with that a long time ago. Eventhough it was originally a fitness platform "only" - I've never backed down from sharing and standing up for what I believe in.

Abba took me on a radical journey from dead religion to an actual relationship with Him.

What He has done for me, He can and wants to do for you as well!

Torah Readings

Weekly torah portions and making our way through the whole Bible in one year!

The word “torah” is the Hebrew word for the first five books of the Bible (Genesis - Deuteronomy).
Today, the word “torah” is often translated as “law” - but when we look at the true definition it actually means “instruction” instead of law.


Blog posts on all things faith related.

We dive into anything from random topics to in depth studies on the biblical feasts, etc.

Rooted Women Ministries

Online Based Fellowship Community

Rooted is an online based community - a group of women whose individual purpose form part of a root system securely established in His Truth and Love to grow His Kingdom!

We meet every first Thursday of the month. Meet ups take place on Zoom at 20:30.

The colour I've decided on for the Faith puzzle piece was a lilac / lavender purple. It's a pinkish-purple colour tinged with blue. The colour is often connected with the soul of mankind (our mind, will and emotions). Our soul is the thing that has to come in agreement with our spirit, so that we can walk in the calling an purpose which Abba has planned for us (Song of Solomon 1:15 & 4:1). It's symbolic of the Bride of Yeshua (Ps 127:2; Song of Solomon 2:3). It's also a reminder to us that He came to set the captives free (Isa 47:12; Num 23:23). Abba looks at the heart of man and not at our outer appearance (1 Sam 16:7; Acts 23:3). This colour is often associacted with adoration, which speaks of our love for the Father, which He desires to be a sweet aroma (Rom 10:2, Rom 13:8).

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