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When I was pregnant with our first on back in 2021, I felt that there was very limited information available on natural birth. And barely any voices speaking up, testifying that natural birth is not as scary and horrific as movies and the media portrays it to be.

I read up a whole lot, I followed inspiring pages, I went to spiritual war and I was blessed with an amazing experience - which I believe is available to everyone, I'm not special by any means.

Once Ruahné was born, I shared my experience in an impromptu live talk on Instagram, because I couldn't find time to respond to all the messages and questions which I have received regarding pregnancy, birth and postpartum. From that random live, a beautiful series was born.

I've had the privilege to speak to normal everyday moms and have them share their stories to inspire and encourage other moms-to-be! We chat about conception, pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, emergency C-sections, scheduled C-sections, breastfeeding, going back to work, postpartum depression, postpartum recover and general motherhood!

The heart behind these talks are to equip future moms with information that will enable them to make informed choices - that's best for them, their babies and their individual situations and unique circumstances.

I am, always have been and always will be pro-natural birth! That does however NOT make me against C-sections. I find it truly wonderful that the medical industry has come this far that they can do procedures like C-sections. For some mothers it's undoubtedly the right option, so there's no judgement from this side! Although I believe that most women are fully capable to birth their babies completely unmedicated, not all moms want to do it that way - and that is perfectly fine!

There's something to learn and to take away from every mom's journey and it's been such a blessing to share in the high's and lows with other mommies on the journey!

Most of the talks are in Afrikaans, with an odd few in English. It's been a blessing to see and hear how much these live talks have already meant to pregnant women out there! And I know it will bless and equip some of you listening to these talks as well! If you need a little encouragement, info or just want to connect with likeminded women, head on over and listen to our talks:



With a busy toddler at home and a second baby on the way, I have put a pause on the live talks. However, should you wish to share your story or know someone that would like to share theirs - please feel free to reach out. I’d love to give you a platform to do so and help equip other moms and future moms.

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