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LEAN 2022 Challenge

Join our BIGGEST challenge yet! This is by far the biggest challenge we have ever launched & I am so excited to follow you on your journey! At #TeamFitBest we don’t believe in diets and quick fix programs! We are all about changing your life through building a sustainable healthy lifestyle!

Regardless whether your goal is to lose body fat, build lean muscle or simply focus on living a healthier lifestyle in general – we’ve got your back with this challenge!

This challenge will have a physical training component as well as a nutritional component.

Pre-Sale Window: 26 Nov - 4 Jan 2022 (pre-sales are now closed)

Official Sign Up Window: 5 - 31 Jan 2022 (sign ups are now closed)

No sign ups will be accepted after 31 Jan 2022.

As soon as you sign up - you will receive all information and pre-challenge documents.

On 7 Feb 2022 you will receive your training program and access to the app (program is app based).

On 14 Feb 2022 - the challenge will officially kick off and run until 19 Jun 2022.

What you'll get:

  • 18-Week Training Program (suitable for home or gym use);

  • 18-Week Nutritional Breakdowns to reach your personal goals (this is NOT a meal plan);

  • A free copy of our 57-page info packed Nutrition Guide (worth R449);

  • A free copy of our Fit Foodie Recipe Guide (worth R99);

  • Access to our private Facebook Group;

  • Measurement charts to track your progress over the course of the 18 weeks;

  • A challenge calendar that stipulates the important dates related to the challenge;

  • As well as an exit strategy for when the challenge ends to ensure that you maintain your results.


What equipment do you need:

  • Dumbbells - preferably pairs of different weights (as you get stronger, you want to lift heavier for optimal results);

  • 1x Powerband;

  • 1x Step (only for LEAN 2.0).


Payment Options:

  • Once Off Payment of:  R1499pp

  • Paid in Installments: If you would like to join the challenge - but your budget is a bit tight:

(i) Place an order online;

(ii) In the "notes" section simply stipulate that you want to make use of the 3 month installment option;

(iii) you'll then receive a invoice which indicates that THREE monthly payments of R500 each will be payable for January, February & March (Post Pre-Sale Price valid from 1 Jan 2022);

(iv) once we have received your first payment - you will receive the first batch of challenge documents.

How many workouts are there?

  • There are 4-6 workouts per week, depending whether you signed up for LEAN 1.0 or 2.0 as well as depending which week you are on.

How long will the workouts take per day?

  • Each workout will take between 30-60 minutes, depending on your own fitness levels.

What's the difference between LEAN 1.0 and LEAN 2.0?

  • LEAN 2.0 is a build up on LEAN 1.0 - progressive overload is incorporated from week 1 of LEAN 1.0, gradually increasing until week 18 of LEAN 2.0.

  • If you HAVEN'T done LEAN 1.0 (the original Phase 1, 2 & 3) before - you should sign up for LEAN 1.0.

  • If you HAVE done LEAN 1.0 before - you can sign up for LEAN 2.0. You are also more than welcome to sign up for LEAN 1.0 as the original Phase 1, 2 & 3 did not have any nutritional component involved when you did it before.

21-Day Rainbow Reset Challenge

Join our 21-Day challenge today! We'll be sharing 7 yummy & nutritious smoothie recipes with those who sign up! The challenge is simple!


For 21-days we simply want you to have your smoothie every morning! What a easy way to get your mindful eating kick started for 2021!

It's completely FREE!

You can download the Ingredient List here!

You can download the Recipes  here!

40-Day Healthy Habits Challenge 2.0

You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in what you do on a daily basis!

Join our 40-Day challenge & let's cultivate some healthy habits to stay on track this holiday season! When January 2021 comes - you won't have to start from scratch, but just keep building on your progress from 2020.


It's completely FREE!

40-Day Healthy Habits Challenge

You have the power to build the life you love!

Small daily changes, will make a big difference in the long run!

These two quotes are Renché & Lara's personal favourites! And even though they are different, they are also very much alike! Life is all about growth! Making changes and working on yourself, by yourself & most importantly - for yourself!

A while ago, Lara came up with the idea to run a 40 day challenge, to challenge her followers on social media to create sustainable healthy habits. Little did Lara know, that Renché had a similar idea!

As #TeamFitBest, we aspire to inspire! We want to help ladies from all walks of live to become the healthiest & happiest version of themselves! And it is up to each one of us, to find out what that version looks like!

Nothing grows in our comfort zones!

Even though the actual challenge is over, nothing is stopping you from trying it out on your own! It's completely FREE!

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