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               Ambassador Search 

 The search is on! 


After a rollercoaster two years in the world - it's time for the next ambassador search!

This will be the third time the we'll be taking in ambassadors.

In the past - ambassadors received free access to all training programs and events. This time around it will work a little different!

Ambassadors will still get free access to our events (when we can host them). Instead of getting free access to the training programs - they will get access at a discounted rate. However, they will be able to earn commission on any sales made using their ambassador code!


If you want to become part of the best fitness team there is, now is your chance!

We are looking for women who love to stay active and encourage other women to do so as well!

You don't need to have a feed full of workouts, we want to see you!

How you manage to stay active in your normal routine, whether you are a student, young working lady,

boss babe, mamma bear, or a do it all girl. Just come as you are, raw and real! That is what we are looking for!

We are looking for someone who loves to exercise, because they love it and they love their bodies.

Not because you feel like you have to simply because you know it is good for you!

We are looking for someone who realises that staying active and performing regular exercises

goes far beyond obtaining a superficial physical appearance.

  We cannot wait to receive your entries!  

Entries close on Monday, 31 October 2022.

Here's Your Chance To Become Part of #TeamFitBest

Thanks for your entry!

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